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Choose a Deseret News subscription discount option that best fits your lifestyle. The Deseret News home delivery subscribers receive trusted, in-depth coverage of local, national and international news. Deseret News editors, reporters and photographers curate the most concise coverage on sports, business, politics, health, culture, local arts, as well as Deseret News coupons, comics and area events. Every Sunday edition includes hundreds of dollars in coupon savings. The Deseret News helps you stay connected to the stories and topics that affect your city.

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Estimated Delivery: 3-5 Business Days
Delivery Times: 6:30 A.M. Monday-Friday, 7:30 A.M. Saturday + Sunday
Publishing Frequency: Daily
Published In: Salt Lake City, Utah
Founded: June 15, 1850

Automatic Renewal Service: For your convenience, The Deseret News is part of the Automatic Renewal Service. You will receive all the benefits of our automatic renewal program. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – cancel at any time!

The Deseret News Subscription Deal Terms

Introductory pricing is only available to households or customers at a business address who have not been subscribers to the Deseret News within the last 30 days. Home delivery valid only within listed zip codes.

You must cancel before the end of your Billing Term to avoid charges for an additional Billing Term. No unused portion of a Billing Term will be refunded. No credit is offered for vacation service interruptions. Future prices are subject to change. In addition, your print subscription includes home delivery on 10/8, 11/12, 11/19, 11/20, 11/21, 11/22, 11/23, 11/24, 12/19, 12/20, 12/21, 12/22, 12/24, 12/25, 12/26, 12/27, 12/28, 12/29, 12/31/2018, 1/1, 1/21, 2/18, 5/27, 7/4, 7/24, 9/2, 10/14, 11/11/2019 editions.

All home delivery subscriptions will include the Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2018 edition. In addition, all home delivery subscriptions will include the special editions, and NO MORE THAN twelve additional SPECIAL EDITIONS will be delivered in a twelve month period. Special Edition schedule could change without notice. To opt out of any mentioned holiday delivery and/or special editions, please contact customer service at 801 204 6100. Visit for full disclaimer.

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